Rolltrak started as a wholesaler in 1992. Given our large number of products, it was not possible for our retailers to stock all of our lines. We developed a system that allows retailers to carry our best sellers, while we warehouse the rest of the range. When a customer asks a retailer to supply a product not in their store, Rolltrak quickly sends the product to the retailer directly.
To help the customer and retailer, Rolltrak developed an extensive catalogue that shows each item it carries in the actual size. This makes it very easy for customers to find the right product, without having to call on staff for help.

Our employment model

Rolltrak is a family company. It grew from just a few owners to a staff of around 20 people, across Australia. Even though Rolltrak has grown in size, the ethics of a family business have remained.

Our culture

Rolltrak has become the “go to guys” in the industry and the staff have adopted this culture and way of thinking when responding to customer enquiries. We try and provide a solution to every call we take. The staff at Rolltrak have created their own easy-going, respectful and inclusive culture. Perhaps that’s why people remain with us for a long time.

Our service

Due to the knowledge and positive attitude of our staff, Rolltrak has developed an excellent reputation for service to our retailers. Important lines are kept in stock. Unusual lines are shipped within a few days, once ordered. We constantly monitor and improve the quality of our products. We also aim to provide more information to consumers about our products and their installation.

Our website

This website follows our catalogue model. Once you think you have found your part, you will be able to print out a 1:1 scale PDF, to check that it is the right part. You can then go to one of the many retailers who stock our parts and either buy it directly off the shelf, or ask one of their staff to order the part in for you.

Contact Information

Phone: (08) 9330 3233
Fax: (08) 9317 4820
Address: U1-14 Pitt Way Myaree, WA 6154 Australia